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Southwest Airlines Customer Service: Utilize The One-Stop For All Information 

Southwest Airlines has always been supportive of its passengers. It is ever ready to serve the best services always. As a passenger of Southwest Airlines, if you ever face any problems and need help. Do not panic. Hence, you can easily get in touch with Southwest Airlines Customer Service. Customer Service is available on various platforms. Moreover, all the lines are open 24 hours throughout the day. You can easily contact anytime you need help. 

Best Ways to Reach Southwest Airlines Customer Service 

The customer service is available on various platforms. Any day if you face any issues, feel free to contact through any of these available ways-

Call Southwest Airlines Customer Service Phone Number

The customer service number is operational round the clock (24x7). If you have any queries you may directly reach out. Also, it is the best way to find instant solutions. Further, if you have questions relating to any particular matter, find the numbers down below. You can reach through directly to get accurate help. 

Through Official Website

Another option to get in touch with Southwest Airlines Customer Service is through the official website. Simply visit the website and reach out through the help desk. The team will respond to you with suitable solutions for all your queries. Also, this is one of the formal ways to file complaints or seek assistance. 

Through Social Media Platforms

Furthermore, you have various social media platforms. Southwest Airlines Customer Service is available on Twitter and Facebook. Therefore, you can easily contact through any of these ways. Further, make sure that you contact the official account handle only. If not, you may not be able to find the solutions. Therefore, be careful while raising your queries. 

Why do passengers contact customer service? 

There are various reasons for contacting customer service. While raising concerns you may have to go through selecting the matter in concern. However, here are some of the reasons why customers contact Southwest Airlines Customer Service-

Request for Information Question: Why is the flight delayed? Which terminal will the flight arrive at? Can I get information on flight status? Activation/ Cancellation Question: Can I cancel my flight after check-in? How to cancel flight? Can I rebook a cancelled flight? Payments and Charges Question: What is the charge for extra baggage? Problems with online payments. I was charged extra.
Change Flights Question: How to change name? Can I change flight destinations? New ticket has not received after changes. Refund Question: When will I get the refund? Process for claiming refund. Haven’t received the refund yet. Questions related to Disabilities: How to avail of the disabilities facilities? Can I get wheelchair at the airport? Are there any extra baggage allowance for disabled passengers?
Product/ Service Question: Unable to book a flight. How to add services on the ticket? What is the pet policy of Southwest Airlines? Account Question: Problems with logging in to the account. Unable to retrieve booking. How to reset password on official website? Cards Question: Unable to link credit card with Online account. What is the process to unlink credit card? Payment failed with the credit card.
Other Question: What is Southwest Low Fare Calendar? Does Southwest offer package deals? How to earn points or rewards?    

Issues that can resolve by calling customer service

Southwest Airlines Customer Service is competent to handle all customer queries. Therefore, confidently reach out any time you need help. The customer service will always make itself available for any matter. However, some of the most common queries that customer service can easily resolve are-


Passengers always face problems while booking flights. You can easily book your flights through the official website. But, if you are unable to do it on your own, easily call customer service for help. They will surely assist you in every possible way. 


People cancel flights tickets all the time. But with Southwest Airlines Customer Service it is even easier. You can easily call for help. The agents attending your call will guide you through. But, if you still need further assistance, customer service may complete the process on your end. However, you may have to provide information on your flight. 

Change in Flight Tickets

You can also change the date, time, destinations, and even name. But with help from customer service, the process is simple. Simply make the call and get all that you need to know. They will also help you with the steps and even do it on your behalf. You can always make the call for help.  

Flight Status

Keep track of your flight. Southwest Airlines Customer Service will provide you with accurate information on your flight. You can easily reach the airport accordingly. So that you don’t have to wait for long. It is always an intelligent way to save time. 


Queries with the refund are most common. Also, if you have any problems regarding availing of the refund, you may easily seek help. And the only way to find assistance is through customer service. 

Frequent Flyer Program

Are you aware of the frequent flyer program? Also, Southwest Airlines offers a frequent flyer program. You can call Southwest Airlines Customer Service to get all the information you need. 

Southwest Low Fare Calendar

Southwest Airlines has a great initiative, Low Fare Calendar. Get all the information you need on it. It is a scheme introduced to get the best fares on all Southwest flights. You can check the prices ahead of time. Therefore, you can plan ahead of time and save marginally. 

What issues Southwest Airlines Customer Service cannot resolve?

Mostly, the customer service is responsible for all matters related to the airline. Any matter that is beyond their competency, they may not be able to help you. Yet, it is worth a try. However, here are some of the matters that you may have to look for assistance with-

  • If you face problems with your baggage at the airport, you will have to contact the concerned airport authority. 
  • Similarly, if you have any issues at the security check-in, kindly contact the authorities.  
  • Also, for traveling to international destinations, you will have to contact the immigration department. The customer service will not be able to guide you with anything. 

Therefore, you may have to contact the concerned parties at times. Overall the customer service can still help you with information regarding the same. But they cannot directly help you in any possible way. 

Southwest Airlines Customer Service Numbers for different services. 

For Baggage Delay or Damage 1-888-202-1024
Queries Related to Cargo 1-800-533-1222
Questions for Group Delivery 1-800-433-5368
Other Flight Information 1-888-792-8747
For General Queries 800-435-9792
For the Disabled Passengers (TTY) 1-800-535-1305
Through Message Expect a response within 10 days
Twitter Handle @SOUTHWESTAIR
Facebook Handle Reach out through the Messenger App.

Is Southwest Airlines Customer Service Helpful? 

Passengers usually report having satisfying responses. But, many customers still inform of having unsatisfying experience. At times due to the heavy rush of calls, the customer service may not be able to attend your call. However, do not lose hope. You can still find ways to resolve your problems. The customer service always tries its best to help in every possible way. Southwest Airlines Customer Service will always stand up to your expectations.  

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